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Keystone's selection is the most modern I have seen by far, GREAT SERVICE TOO!!

Janet Mahon

Location a little out the way, but worth it , if your building and you want beautiful stuff for your home this is the place!!

Lisa King

Keystone is AWESOME! Their products are by far the BEST and GREAT! Very stylish and beautiful. Prices VERY GOOD! Team VERY helpful and friendly. Definitely recommend to anyone.

Angus Pile

Everything about Keystone impressed me. The tiles were amazing. Ahead by far of all the rest! Found exactly what i wanted. And the prices really good too. Designs were so fresh and modern. Staff were so helpful and friendly. Would definitely recommend them. 

John Griffith

Everyone else is saying they have good products, but when you really check it out they dont. Keystone does that is why I rate Keystone Products Ltd, the best.

James Vou

Staff is very helpful

M. Bourne

Very good customer service. Friendly & Professional

Dr. Crespo

Very Good Tiles

Tonia Alexander

Very Helpful, didnt feel rushed

Alicia T

So/so delivery time was a little slow. But good service great selection

James Stihl

Would recommend 

Shakir Cox

Very Good. Top class

Christopher Waterman

Very Good

Paula Bourne

Keystone may not be the biggest place but they have good options that make a home in the islands look European and high-end, staff cool too

Walton Trotman

Rated high. Would recommend


 Shirley Dawson

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